August 2018

Aquatic physical therapy or Hydro therapy which means treatment inside water.In hydrotherapy the properties of water has been used to treat the cases with much ease and more effectively.Hydrotherapy pool has a sophisticated setup with one side shallow water and other side with deep water with sitting arrangements inside water in the shallow side.
The water temperature which is maintained inside hydrotherapy pool should be more than room temperature.The warm water helps in reducing the muscle tightness,relives pain ,relaxing the patient and much more.
The main properties of water which has been used in pool are buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure.Buoyancy helps in floating the body part which needs assistance in exercises against gravity and helping the desired muscle to improve the power.We prescribe some exercises as buoyancy assisted which is also gravity resisted and some other exercises as buoyancy resisted but gravity assisted.
In a hydrotherapy pool side walls are also attached with railings which helps the patient to walk inside water.
The conditions which can be treated in hydrotherapy pool are Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis,post fracture cases,incomple paraplegia(spinal cord injuries),cerebral palsy,post stiffness burn cases,any weakness cases etc.

Have a good health..

We all want to look beautiful. For this we must take care of our skin. This is very important to take some basic care of our skin.

1) To start with the cleaning, use any cleanser that suits the skin.

2) After cleanser have to useuse a toner. Cleanser helping tightening the pores.

3) Now the very important thing has to be done. That is need to apply the under eye cream / gel. This helps in reducing the puffiness and dark circles.

4) This is the time to apply moisturizer according to skin.

5) Atlast apply the sunscreen with spf.

Start following this steps then see the result on your own n be happy.

Stroke or CVA is an alarming condition now a days...Although previously stroke was a old age condition but now stroke has been considered to occur at a much younger age too which is called as young stroke.
The common causes of stroke are-
Obesity,heavy smoking,heavy alcoholic,high blood pressure,any heart diseases and much more.
Stroke causes either the blood to accumulate inside the closed cavity of skull(haemorrhagic stroke) or occlusion of vessels causing less blood to reach certain area of brain(ischemic stroke).Because of this ,certain amount of brain cells die which cannot be regenerated and causes severe physical problem called the Spasticity or tightness in one side of the body(hemiplegia).
Sometimes along with hemiplegia also we can see that one half of the face is affected and speech is lost or ununderstandable.
To release this spasticity along with medicinal treatment,rehabilitation is needed.
Rehabilitation for stroke includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy,speech therapy and vocational counseling.
As I am a physiotherapist,I would like share few words how physiotherapy can help in making the patient mobile.
Physiotherapy exercises are needed to decrease the spasticity because voluntary actions are not possible with spasticity.Along with that finer movements of the hand is encouraged with activities which also can be done in home.
Postural correction is needed  to correct the gait or walking pattern.
Gym ball can be used for encouraging movement.
Hydrotherapy can be a choice of treatment for stroke.
Have a good health


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