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নলবাৰী ৰাস অতিজৰে পৰা জনসাধাৰণৰ মাজত জনাজাত। পাগলদিয়া নদীৰ পাৰত প্ৰথমে এই ৰাস উদযাপিত হৈছিল্। পিছলৈ এই ৰাস হৰিমন্দিৰ প্ৰাংগনলৈ স্থানান্তৰিত কৰা হয়। ২০১৮ বৰ্ষৰ ৰাসৰ এটি সুন্দৰ ভিডিঅ তলত দিয়া গৈছে, ভিডিঅটি উপভোগ কৰক। 

From ancient time Nalbari Rash Mahutsab is famous not even in India but in abroad too. On the bank of the river Pagoldiya of Nalbari, the rash festival was first celebrated. After that it was transferred to the Hari Mandir campus which is situated on the centre of Nalbari town. Enjoy the above video about Nalbari Rash Mahutsab 2018.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in mental health.Mental health conditions which includes mostly depression,stress related disorders, Schizophrenia, anxiety etc can be improved with physical activity along with the medications.Physiotherapy helps by formulating a customise physical activity regime for individual patients which will give an insight of their self and also boost their moods.
There is a wide correlation between a poor mental health and increased prevalence of physical conditions that has been observed which can inturn lead to chronic conditions involving cardiorespiratory, orthopedical and neurological manifestations.
Physiotherapy can help in improving body mechanics including balance and posture which are linked to sense of improved security and better self esteem.
In normal individuals physical therapy also plays an important role in non pharmacological pain management which helps in maintaining a healthy mental health by decreasing stress related bad posture,muscle pain and joint pain, managing obesity inturn managing lifestyle diseases like high BP and Diabetes in long run.
Have a good health

Aquatic physical therapy or Hydro therapy which means treatment inside water.In hydrotherapy the properties of water has been used to treat the cases with much ease and more effectively.Hydrotherapy pool has a sophisticated setup with one side shallow water and other side with deep water with sitting arrangements inside water in the shallow side.
The water temperature which is maintained inside hydrotherapy pool should be more than room temperature.The warm water helps in reducing the muscle tightness,relives pain ,relaxing the patient and much more.
The main properties of water which has been used in pool are buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure.Buoyancy helps in floating the body part which needs assistance in exercises against gravity and helping the desired muscle to improve the power.We prescribe some exercises as buoyancy assisted which is also gravity resisted and some other exercises as buoyancy resisted but gravity assisted.
In a hydrotherapy pool side walls are also attached with railings which helps the patient to walk inside water.
The conditions which can be treated in hydrotherapy pool are Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis,post fracture cases,incomple paraplegia(spinal cord injuries),cerebral palsy,post stiffness burn cases,any weakness cases etc.

Have a good health..


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