Physiotherapy plays an important role in mental health.Mental health conditions which includes mostly depression,stress related disorders, Schizophrenia, anxiety etc can be improved with physical activity along with the medications.Physiotherapy helps by formulating a customise physical activity regime for individual patients which will give an insight of their self and also boost their moods.
There is a wide correlation between a poor mental health and increased prevalence of physical conditions that has been observed which can inturn lead to chronic conditions involving cardiorespiratory, orthopedical and neurological manifestations.
Physiotherapy can help in improving body mechanics including balance and posture which are linked to sense of improved security and better self esteem.
In normal individuals physical therapy also plays an important role in non pharmacological pain management which helps in maintaining a healthy mental health by decreasing stress related bad posture,muscle pain and joint pain, managing obesity inturn managing lifestyle diseases like high BP and Diabetes in long run.
Have a good health

Aquatic physical therapy or Hydro therapy which means treatment inside water.In hydrotherapy the properties of water has been used to treat the cases with much ease and more effectively.Hydrotherapy pool has a sophisticated setup with one side shallow water and other side with deep water with sitting arrangements inside water in the shallow side.
The water temperature which is maintained inside hydrotherapy pool should be more than room temperature.The warm water helps in reducing the muscle tightness,relives pain ,relaxing the patient and much more.
The main properties of water which has been used in pool are buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure.Buoyancy helps in floating the body part which needs assistance in exercises against gravity and helping the desired muscle to improve the power.We prescribe some exercises as buoyancy assisted which is also gravity resisted and some other exercises as buoyancy resisted but gravity assisted.
In a hydrotherapy pool side walls are also attached with railings which helps the patient to walk inside water.
The conditions which can be treated in hydrotherapy pool are Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis,post fracture cases,incomple paraplegia(spinal cord injuries),cerebral palsy,post stiffness burn cases,any weakness cases etc.

Have a good health..

We all want to look beautiful. For this we must take care of our skin. This is very important to take some basic care of our skin.

1) To start with the cleaning, use any cleanser that suits the skin.

2) After cleanser have to useuse a toner. Cleanser helping tightening the pores.

3) Now the very important thing has to be done. That is need to apply the under eye cream / gel. This helps in reducing the puffiness and dark circles.

4) This is the time to apply moisturizer according to skin.

5) Atlast apply the sunscreen with spf.

Start following this steps then see the result on your own n be happy.

Stroke or CVA is an alarming condition now a days...Although previously stroke was a old age condition but now stroke has been considered to occur at a much younger age too which is called as young stroke.
The common causes of stroke are-
Obesity,heavy smoking,heavy alcoholic,high blood pressure,any heart diseases and much more.
Stroke causes either the blood to accumulate inside the closed cavity of skull(haemorrhagic stroke) or occlusion of vessels causing less blood to reach certain area of brain(ischemic stroke).Because of this ,certain amount of brain cells die which cannot be regenerated and causes severe physical problem called the Spasticity or tightness in one side of the body(hemiplegia).
Sometimes along with hemiplegia also we can see that one half of the face is affected and speech is lost or ununderstandable.
To release this spasticity along with medicinal treatment,rehabilitation is needed.
Rehabilitation for stroke includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy,speech therapy and vocational counseling.
As I am a physiotherapist,I would like share few words how physiotherapy can help in making the patient mobile.
Physiotherapy exercises are needed to decrease the spasticity because voluntary actions are not possible with spasticity.Along with that finer movements of the hand is encouraged with activities which also can be done in home.
Postural correction is needed  to correct the gait or walking pattern.
Gym ball can be used for encouraging movement.
Hydrotherapy can be a choice of treatment for stroke.
Have a good health

Physiotherapy in women health is a challenging part of our society.I have seen in my practice of 12years,that the ratio in a physiotherapy clinic is always higher in women side.
Women are most commonly suffers due to knee pain,back pain,frozen shoulder and cervical pain or neck pain.Mostly these problems are seen in late 30's or 40's.Body's aging process contributes to these pain along with a very busy life but no proper exercising and most importantly lack of REST.
Menopause is a very crucial phase in women's life which needs equal attention like puberty where different hormonal changes occurs with lots of other compromises in the body.As a result of hormonal changes the joints are more prone for depletion of calcium, osteoporosis,pain and deformity.
To deal with these problems a good diet is necessary rich in vit D because vit D is necessary for absorption of calcium in the body.Plenty of fluid and proper posture should be maintained.
Exercise in a regular basis also helps in maintaining integrity of Bones and also gives the body proper oxygenation for a better muscular health.
Lastly but most importantly a advice for women is a proper rest.
Have a good health.


Today I would like to talk about Posture. As a physiotherapists what I see in every day cases are conditions related to fault posture.In our busy schedule now a days we hardly get time to exercise and our work is most of the time in a sitting posture.As a result body start loosing its normal curves of the spine.The normal curves what we have are in the areas of neck(cervical area),upper back(thoracic area),lower back(lumbar area) and extreme lower portion of spine(sacral area).Our body has some antigravity muscles which are usually present in the back and these muscles are responsible for making our body straight during sitting and standing.These muscles are also responsible for keeping these curves intact in the spine.
Due to prolong sitting,which is usually in a forward manner,these back muscles are over stretched along with the faulty spine position,which can lead to numerous problems like shoulder muscle pain,neck pain,mechanical lower back pain even in extreme cases intervertebral disc prolapse.
To prevent these thing try to sit in a straight posture with a straight back rest.Have plenty of water to keep your muscles ,ligaments and also the vertebral disc hrdrated because hydrated soft tissues can take more tensile load and easily mouldeble in changing of posture.
Have a good health.


As soon as we take birth in this world till we die,it's a big phase with lot many ups and downs.The moment we take the first breath the clock starts what we call as health.The first cry of a baby should be within one minute of birth otherwise it's a risk for the future health of the baby.Same ways in every milestone,every movement till the old age Physiotherapy works to gift a healthy life to every person and also adds some more years towards a safe life.

Physiotherapy works since pregnancy ,child birth, adolescent,adult life and in gereatric phase in many more different ways with advance manual techniques,early intervention techniques, electrical modalities (for pain relief) and also in prevention and maintanance of a healthy and independent life.


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